Wednesday, November 7, 2007

27th Four Stone Hearth Carnival

The latest installment of the Four Stone Hearth Anthropologycarnival is up over at Sorting Out Science, hosted by Sam Wise. 
This time's carnival features tons of interesting material (including a link to one of my posts - woohoo!) and you really should go check it out. 

By the way, I just saw last week's episode of House and quite dissapointed that it seems as if Giovannini's Mirror Syndrome doesn't really exist - Unconsciously mirroring other people due to a malfunction of the human "mirror system" would be quite an interesting diagnosis. (OK... I'm a nerd.)

P.S. there actually seems to be something similar to the case found in the House Episode, but it seems as it doesn't have anything to do with the mirror system. (So I don't have any academic excuse to look it up, except that it's sounds interesting)

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