Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York Times Article on the Evolution of Language

There's a nice New York Times story by Nicholas Wade called "Deciphering the chatter of monkeys" that deals with the evolution of language. As Edmund Blair Bolles points out, it misses many things that are important about the topic but still its a comparatively good and well-written popular article.

Be sure to check out Mark Liberman's short discussion of the article here. He writes that it is a "remarkably good article, in comparison to many that I've seen on similar topics," which may or may not be a real compliment :)

Hat tip: Babel's Dawn, Language Log


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artikcat said...

did you ever wrote last piece on lewontins' paper 98'??
great blog

Michael said...

No unfortunately I didn't get round to it writing a follow-up post on it, sorry. But thanks for taking an interest in my blog! Hope I'll be able to start posting more regularly sometime soon...